Good morning everyone. Once more last night i unfortunately hard a really hard time to fall asleep. @Rob

I experience what i believe was my longuest sleep paralysis so far. I was not affraid or anything but it still felt weird so here is what happened:

I went to bed but i kept moving in my bed because i could not fall asleep.

At a certain point, i perfectly remember that my conscient was perfectly awake but my body was asleep. I say this because when i am awake, i breath normaly but at that point my breathing was snoring.

I never snore when i am awake.

It has happened randomly in the past that my snoring was so loud that it woked me up but mostly if i had felt asleep in day time. My snoring never woked me up at night.

So i also remember telling myself in my head: wait a minutes if i can clearly hear myself snore while my mind is fully awake, maybe i am in a lucid dream so i were actually able to perform a reality check to pinch my nose but it failed as i was not able to breath through it. As soon as i let go my nose, my snoring started again 2 or 3 second after instead of normal breathing.

My eyes were close so it was just dark and i was not in any dream scene or anything.

I feel as if i got stock in between being awake and lucid dreaming somehow, is that possible ?

I am not even sure if it was an hypnagogic state as i was not seeing any shapes. But after a little while yes i started to see blue weird shapes so i thought i were in an hypnagogic state but i still could clearly hear my snoring.

Then i guest i felt asleep because i only remember waking up after that this morning.

Good morning everyone, last night was a very bad night for me as i really had a hard time falling asleep unfortunately. @Rob

I did have a few pretty vivid hypnagogic states though. I am wondering if any of you ever succeeded to turn an hypnagogic state into a lucid dream because i know it is possible but i have never achieved that yet.

If yes, how did you do it ? How can i turn an hypnagogic state into a lucid dream ?

Thank you on advanve ;)

Hello everyone i am proud to tell yiu that this morning i had went fir a morning nap as i know it give higher chances to have a lucid dream and it worked for me so yed i have my very first fully lucid dream and here it is: @Rob


My lucid dream started exactly where the end of my previous dream had ended. My previous dream had ended with me waking up in my bed. The strange thing is that i was in my bed like right now and i knew i only were taking a morning nap. But i realised that i had not really woked up, it was a false awakening and i said in my head, wait i am still dreaming. So i immediataly wanted to do a reality check because i have never been in a fully lucid dream before so i said in my head, GO DO A REALITY CHECK as if by the thought of it, the reality check would happen. But then i remembered that i actually have to physically do the reality check so i physically pinched my nose and i was in fact still able to breath through my nose and i could even hear me my breathing through my nose even though it was pinched. It felt soooo damn cool. So i let go my nose and i breath again through my nose then i pinched it again to confirm again i was in my dream and i was still able to perfectly breath through my nose but this time i was a little scared to let go so i did not. I said in my head: wow so THAT is how it feels to breath through my nose while it is pinched. Then i wanted to get off my bed so i could get out my bedroom because i could not see anything because it was so dark. So i stay layed in my bed and i started to remove the blankets from on top of me. It worked but it also did not work. As i was removing the blankets, there was still blankets on me so i kept removing blankets and there was still blankets on me. So i said to myself what is going on, i want to get off my bed so i let go my nose that i was stillholding with my left hand and i took my blankets with my 2 hand to remove them but there were still blankets on me so i sat in my bed. My eyes were still closed because in wake world i sleep with a sleeping mask on and i felt that it was still on my face and i felt like i also were wering a hoody so i remove the head part of the hoody from my head but i still kept my eyes closed. I kept trying to get off my bed by taking the blankets off me but i had blankets forever somehow. So i got upset that i were unable to get off my damn bed and that emotion woked me up in wake world. I was still wearing my sleeping face mask when i woked up but i was not wearing any hoody but i was freaking happy to have just lived my very first fully lucid dream experience

Rob - Great questions last night in the webinar! Hope you enjoyed Robert's answers. @Jake

Will let you know when the responses are up on youtube so you can see them again. We'll do more webinars in the future

Hey Everyone, I'm a newbie here, greetings of the day. @Raghav

I'm trying Lucid dreaming from couple of months on and off, I got stuck in identifying the dream signs in the dream, and I remember the dream signs after I wake up, but not able to maintain consciousness in the dream to identify dream signs.
Sometimes I get difficulty remembering the dream itself.

Can anyone please guide me on the same?


Are you sure?